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President is humbled to meet the original

"Rosie Riveter"




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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 12:00 AM

Arizona: Family Values Radio 1010AM KXXT Interviews USWCCC President Dr Lydia Gonzalez DRoss


Salem Communications, along with Phoenix sister-stations Faith Talk 1360AM KPXQ and The Patriot 960AM KKNT welcomes Family Values Radio 1010AM KXXT to our growing family!!

Family Values Radio 1010AM KXXT is Christian and Family-friendly Talk Radio throughout the Greater Phoenix Metro area and beyond. Preaching and teaching along with family-friendly, clean secular conservative programming with the intent to reach our listeners with God's Good News as well as informational, educational and inspirational programming that supports and encourages positive family values.

Get all of the inspiration you need to tackle those tough issues in your life every day, right here on Family Values Radio. Listen to live broadcasts throughout your day at work, while driving in your car, or digitally stream any of our shows at any time by going to our Listen Live link.

Sunday, May 19, 2019 12:53 PM

Washington D.C: Creator of USWCCC on WATB Radio Today!

WATB host Dr. June interviews Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, creator of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Saturday, May 11, 2019 3:36 PM

US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Congratulates Graduates of the West Point First Class African American Women

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 12:00 AM

Take Action Today! Your Business and Freedom of Religion for ALL FAITHS Are About to be Extinct




Press Release from the Desk of

Pastor's Hank and Brenda Kunneman

Omaha, NE

US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Received the Following News ALERT TODAY!!


Dear fellow Americans,

Last week the House Judiciary Committee passed the “Equality Act,” H.R. 5, which is a bill “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation.” This bill could face a US House floor vote as early as next week. Even if passed in US House, it will then go to the US Senate. As Christians, we believe what Genesis describes and Jesus taught: God created two types of humans – male and female. The “Equality Act” takes these basic biblical teachings and labels them “discriminatory.” H.R. 5 would empower the federal government to impose civil and criminal punishments on citizens, churches, businesses, charities who dissent. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE AND A VIOLATION OF FREE SPEECH AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RIGHTS! Together we must stand united, asking our great God to deliver us from the evil influencers who are seeking to destroy the moral majority and decency in our nation.


Pray! Pray! Pray! Also, contact your Senator and let your voice be heard!

Below is a link to the U.S. Senate Directory. Copy and Paste the link below on your web browser.…/contact_informati…/senators_cfm.cfm

After you go to that page, you can select your specific state, and then find your senators representing your state, with a contact link to email them.

Write an email to them in the message section opposing The Equality Act, S.788 and HR 5. Request them to vote against this dangerous bill that seeks to elevate the LGBT agenda over all areas of life, including the church.

Please take the time to let your righteous voice be heard.
"Righteousness exalts a nation…” Proverbs 14:34

Love and blessings,
Pastors Hank and Brenda


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Friday, April 26, 2019 5:08 PM

Washington DC: Dr Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss Leads Hispanic National Evangelical Conference Call

Apostle Dr Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss,

US National Hispanic Prayer Director/

US National Prayer Council


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